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May 2006: Mark Miller Ph.D.

12 Sep 2005: Complete overhaul of the SRL site

29 Dec 2004: Complete overhaul of the SRL site

SRL Publications

Most of our publications are associated with particular projects, and appear under the respective project pages, so you should look there as well.


Mark Miller Robust Composition: Towards a Unified Approach to Access Control and Concurrency Control. Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Computer Science, The Johns Hopkins University, May 2006.

Technical Reports

SRL2004-02 Prashanth P. Bungale, Swaroop Sridhar, and Jonathan S. Shapiro Low-Complexity Dynamic Translation in VDebug

The original design for what would later turn into HDTrans.

SRL2004-01 Prashanth P. Bungale, Swaroop Sridhar, and Jonathan S. Shapiro Supervisor-Mode Virtualization for x86 in VDebug

The design of a bare-metal simulator for the IA-32 supervisor-mode architecture.

SRL2003-06 Hao Chen and Jonathan S. Shapiro, Exploring Static Checking for Software Assurance

A description of our experiment using MOPS to evaluate temporal safety properties in the EROS kernel, submitted to Oakland 2004.

SRL2003-05 Jonathan S. Shapiro, John Vanderburgh, Eric Northup, and David Chizmadia, The EROS Trusted Window System

A description of our trusted window system prototype, submitted to Oakland 2004.

SRL2003-04 Jonathan S. Shapiro, The Practical Application of a Decidable Access Model

A reworked version of the 2000 technical report, submitted to Oakland 2004.

SRL2003-03 Mark Miller, Jonathan S. Shapiro, Paradigm Regained: Abstraction Mechanisms for Access Control

The submitted version of Mark's invited paper for ASIAN-03.

SRL2003-02 Mark Miller, Ka-Ping Yee, Jonathan S. Shapiro, Capability Myths Demolished

A submission to USENIX 2003 providing a taxonomy and discussion of different capability models.

SRL2003-01 Chris Riley, Christian Scheideler, and Jonathan S. Shapiro, Hash Systems for Single Disk Allocation

An investigation of hashing strategies for disk block placement in a randomization-based placement scheme.

SRL2000-01 J. S. Shapiro The Practical Application of a Decidable Access Model

A copy of our 2001 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy submission.

SRL2000-02 J. S. Shapiro, ed. Operating System Requirements for Liquid Software

A list of requirements and discussion points for operating systems that support liquid software.

SRL2000-03 J. S. Shapiro First-Class Flexpage-Based Address Spaces

Describes a reformulation of L4-style address spaces that eliminates the need for in-kernel resource allocation.

SRL2000-04 J. S. Shapiro Managing Capabilities by Dynamic Single Assignment

Describes a new approach to descriptor management that yields faster descriptor transfer and a simplre interrupt-driven kernel design.

Random Notes

Some thoughts on Software and Scheduling.