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May 2006: Mark Miller Ph.D.

12 Sep 2005: Complete overhaul of the SRL site

29 Dec 2004: Complete overhaul of the SRL site

Upcoming Deadlines

Here are some upcoming deadlines that may be relevant to various people in SRL:

Proposal 1/5/05 NSF Theoretical Foundations solicitation deadline.
Proposal 1/21/05 NSF Networking Technology and Systems solicitation deadline.
Submission 2/4/05 USENIX Security 2005.
Proposal 2/4/05 NSF Emerging Models and Technologies for Computation solicitation deadline.
Submission 2/7/05 PODC 2005.
Proposal 2/7/05 NSF Cyber Trust solicitation deadline.
Submission 2/17/05 USENIX 2005 (general track).
Proposal 3/05/05 NSF Sensors and Sensor Networks solicitation deadline.
Submission 3/11/05 OOPSLA 2005.
Submission 3/25/05 SOSP 2005
Submission 5/8/05 Computer and Communications Security 2005
Proposal 11/11/05 NSF Computer Systems Research solicitation deadline.