Jonathan S. Shapiro
Managing Director, The EROS Group, LLC.

The EROS Group, LLC
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Woodinville, WA, 98072
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The EROS Group's products are built on operating system and programming language foundations for secure and reliable computing systems. Today's commodity operating systems aren't giving us what we need (check any newspaper) in either respect, and solving the problems that we face requires a basic shift in approach on operating system architecture and programming languages. Much of the core research that is currently used at The EROS Group originated in the EROS project, and later in the Coyotos and BitC projects.

The company is currently active in operating systems, programming languages, and static analysis work. Perhaps the most interesting thing that we are working on at the moment is the BitC programming and verification environment for systems programs. BitC is a Haskell-like programming language that provides first-class control over data structure representation and mutability. Its next major round will begin to add formal specification and verification features.

Research at Hopkins

I am no longer associated with Johns Hopkins University; my last student is expected to finish in December.

My group at Johns Hopkins was active on the BitC programming language, on formal modeling of systems security properties, and on new approaches to collaborative resource management. That work continues commercially at The EROS Group.

Formerly active research areas include EROS (The Extremely Reliable Operating System), Coyotos (which is now being commercialized), OpenCM (a distributed configuration management), tools and methods for high assurance, and virtual machine technology. EROS is the first high-performance capability system that runs on commodity processors and hardware. OpenCM is the first configuration management system built on cryptographic naming and integrity checks.

I was one of the founders of the JHUISI, the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute. These days, I'm on the oversight committee for the Technology Transfer department, and I sit on the Whiting School's Committee on Intellectual Property. Once in a while, I actually get to spend time with my son, Alexander, who currently thinks that chocolate ice cream is very cool stuff. Thankfully, my parents didn't have access to digital cameras. Film fades with time. Bits do not.

Further information on these projects, and general information about the Systems Research Laboratory and my students can be found on the Systems Research Lab) web page.

Dr. Shapiro is no longer accepting new students as Ph.D. advisees.


1999 Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania Computer Science
1989 M.S. Stanford University Computer Science
1986 B.S. Haverford College Computer Science